CRM Track

Track Walkins and Prospects

When interacting with walkins and prospects, your sales staff learns more about their interests and needs. This information is lost overtime as it is forgotten or your staff leaves the organization. ePropertyTrack provides a friendly way to capture personal particulars, key interests and needs of prospects. This information can then be used for directed and personalized marketing.

Execute Marketing Campaignscrm-track-1

ePropertyTrack comes with a range of reports that allow management to monitor Sales progress real-time from
their mobile devices. Reports include Sales Summary, Unit Availability, Sales Rep Performance, Agency Performance (for joint marketing), etc.

Measure Marketing ROI

Given ePropertyTrack’s closed loop between marketing and sales, you will be able to determine Revenue resulting from each campaign and ROI on your marketing efforts. You will be able to see channels that bring in the most and best Quality prospects. You will be able to compare different marketing initiatives and optimize how you spend your marketing dollars.

Email Marketing Stastics

For all your Email Marketing initiatives ePropertyTrack gives you detailed statistics on Open Rate, Click Rate, Unsubscribe Rate, etc. Besides global statistics it also provides feedback at individual level. It lets you know exactly who opened the email, where they clicked in the email and at what time. It assigns a score for each individual based on interest they have shown. This feedback can help your sales team determine the best prospects to follow-up with and also best ways to streamline your marketing initiatives’ Read Rates. In case of emails this also lowers the likelihood of your email being marked as Spam as emails are individually addressed rather than being bulk emails with big CC lists.

Personalized Marketings

With ePropertyTrack your recipients receive marketing materials addressed to them rather than a generic Dear Sir/Madam. The system allows you to create personalized templates for all forms of directed marketing initiatives including Email, Letter and SMS. Personalization makes your material more intimate and improves Open and Read Rates. In case of emails this also lowers the likelihood of your email being marked as Spam as emails are individually addressed rather than being bulk emails with massive CC and BCC lists.

Execute Marketing Campaignscrm-track-1

When marketing new Projects you need to work closely with Developers. Developers give you frequent updates on prices
and units available. Collecting this information and sharing effectively with your sales team can be a challenge.
ePropertyTrack provides a solution to easily update this information in a central system which can be accessed
real-time by all sales staff from web or mobile devices.

Website Tracking

ePropertyTrack detects and reports every time your prospects visit your website. Consider a scenario where you invite a prospect via email, they visit your exhibition and then you don’t hear from them for a month. They then visit your website and spend time reading about a project and looking at pictures for a 2 bedroom floor plan. ePropertyTrack will report on them visiting your website, readying about the project and seeing pictures for the 2 bedroom plan. This information regarding the exact nature of their interest can be invaluable for your sales team.


Management Reports & Dashboardscrm-track-1

Key company parameters are captured and displayed in Graphical format to help you make informed decisions. The Dashboards are easily customizable to present the information most relevant to you. These could include Pipeline of Deals, Team performance, Property inventories etc. Powerful Reports wizard allows custom reports to be created by users.

Unit Booking Process

ePropertyTrack comes with built in processes to manage reservation and bookings of units. This process ensures no double bookings are done. Time based locking of units also ensure the same unit is not promised to different prospects. The system can also help generate booking forms.

Photo/Video Sharing

Showcasing impressive photos and videos is an integral part of property sales. ePropertyTrack comes with ability to load pictures and videos that your sales staff can easily access. They can also showcase these to their prospects or easily email to them.

Developer Portal

ePropertyTrack also allows you to easily exchange information with the Property Developers you represent via a simple yet sophisticated platform. Dashboards allow Developers to view statistics such as number of leads and enquiries without giving particulars. Reports can communicate feedback from walkins regarding the property. Developers can also easily upload the latest price lists and unit availability.

Centralized Information System

Most marketing and sales teams use excel sheets to store information. This results in numerous formats and versions overtime and information gets lost in gigabytes of data on your computer. There is also risk of individuals walking away with this information as they leave your organization. ePropertyTrack provides a central repository for storing this information and tools for using it to improve your business. The system also comes with configurable security roles to manage and audit access to information.

Microsoft Outlook Office Integration

Besides accessing all information via web browser, ePropertyTrack can also integrate with Microsoft Office Outlook. This Allows you to synchronize all your tasks, calendar events and contacts with your address book. Emailing is also integrated via this synchronization. All communication with prospects is automatically recorded in the system.

Mobile Access

We understand that a property salesperson cannot be tied to his desk. ePropertyTrack goes where you go. ePropertyTrack lets you easily access information regarding unit availability, prices etc. on the go from most smartphones including iPhone / iPad and Android.