Work closer with partners and discover new ones


In today’s dynamic marketplace sales teams can be in-house or part of appointed marketing agencies. Co-Broking with and in between marketing agencies can help bring greater exposure to your project and help expedite sales. With the ePropertyTrack platform everyone wins. We enable empowering of your sales teams and your partners with interactive sales kits, latest project information and marketing tools to help sell faster.

Operating Scenarios

ePropertyTrack can help in all operating scenarios including:

  1. In-house only sales team
  2. In-house sales team + appointed marketing agencies
  3. External appointed marketing agencies only

Work with your partners

You can use ePropertyTrack to work more efficiently with your existing partners.

Discover new partners

For all your Email Marketing initiatives ePropertyTrack gives you detailed statistics on Open Rate, Click Rate, Unsubscribe Rate, etc. Besides global statistics it also provides feedback at individual level. It lets you know exactly who opened the email, where they clicked in the email and at what time. It assigns a score for each individual based on interest they have shown. This feedback can help your sales team determine the best prospects to follow-up with and also best ways to streamline your marketing initiatives’ Read Rates. In case of emails this also lowers the likelihood of your email being marked as Spam as emails are individually addressed rather than being bulk emails with big CC lists.

Personalized Marketings

ePropertyTrack platform features over 400 projects with over 17,000 property sales agents. You can use our network to increase your outreach and discover new partners. We have a large network in Malaysia and Singapore.

How does it work?

Step 1: We help load your project

Step 2: Setup your internal teams and your external partners

Step 3: Choose who has access to what information

Step 4: Start Selling!

How do we help?

When sharing it can be a challenge to ensure your partners have the most up to date information and controlling who has what level of access. ePropertyTrack makes it easier to disseminate and update information and gives you the ability to choose levels of access and types of information you wish to share with each partner, team and user.

ePropertyTrack helps address common challenges you face when working with partners:

  • Dissemination of information and updates
  • Notifying on updates
  • Selective sharing of sensitive information with users, teams and partners
  • Reporting on performance of external partners
  • Removing access for resigned staff. Internal or external
  • Announcing updates and promotions

Our platform allows you to provide selective access to your internal or external users and teams for following:

  • Unit Availability
  • Pricing
  • eBrochure
  • Sales Kit, Forms and other documents
  • Announcements
  • Floor Plans